Elan Jaglom - Executive Manager

The Swiss/Israeli  businessman, Elan Jaglom is the chairman of the 3D printing , very successful, Objet Geometries Limited. Jaglom received his BSC from Hebrew University and M.B.A. from the University of New York.


Objet Geometries LTD

Objet Geometries LTD, established in 1998, is in the business of three dimensional printing. Jaglom was one of the first to invest in the company at a very early stage, and became its  Chairman of the board in October 2001, a position he is holding until this day. Objet Geometries Limited’s products allow clients to minimize costs and accelerate  time to market of their products , thanks to the company’s detailed, versatile, accurate and realistic three dimensional prototypes that are created by ultra thin layer by layer process protected by about  110 applications that are either patented or are in the process of being patented.

Objet Geometries LTD’s client list includes global leaders from a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, consumer goods, dental, automotive, education, defence, hearing aids, medical, animation, architecture, sporting goods, toys, entertainment, service bureaus, industrial machinery and many more.

Objet Geometries LTD’s offices are situated in Israel, United States, China, Japan, and Germany.


Scitex Idanit,

Prior to Objet, Elan Jaglom was an executive  director and very involved with Idanit … an Israeli innovator in large format digital printing . usages today are  mainly large posters ,banners ,busses ,trucks buildings etc.

Idanit was sold to Scitex Corporation, an Israeli-based Company , a leading manufacturer, developer, service supplier and marketer of systems for printing and graphic designs. Scitex  acquired Idanit in 1998 for more than $60 million to form Scitex-Idanit. The company was subsequently sold to HP for about 300 milion US dollars and is today an important part of the graphic art division of HP. 


Social Activity

Elan Jaglom is a member of the Ben Gurion University Honors M.B.A. Program’s International Advisory Board. The Ben Gurion University is one of Israel’s most respected academic institutions and its Honors M.B.A program only accepts students who have consistently excelled and passed the requisite interviews.The Museum of Art of Tel Aviv has named  Elan Jaglom to its International  Board of Governors many years  ago. Thanks to its vast photography, painting, sculpture, drawings and video art collections, the  Tel Aviv Museum of Art has made itself a name as one of Israel’s top  Art Museums.

The Diaspora Museum In Tel Aviv  

Elan Jaglom has recently joined the international Board of Governors and is very enthusiastically  involved in the revival of the Museum in its quest to acquire its true place in the family of Jewish Heritage Museums.

Elan Jaglom is and was always involved in providing grants for young Israelis to further their academic education.


Personal Activities

Elan Jaglom is an art collector,  an avid history reader and a licensed aircraft  pilot as well as an enthusiastic skipper of sailing boats. 


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